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Social media personality speaks out about mental health and fame | Apple Wins an Inventive Patent for a Futuristic Bionic Virtual Meeting Room for Business, Social Media and Gaming using Smartglasses+ | Chinese restaurants are losing business over coronavirus fears. An Australian social media campaign wants to change that

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Social media personality speaks out about mental health and fame
Purdue Exponent
Feb 18, 2020 18:00 UTC. Read More

Apple Wins an Inventive Patent for a Futuristic Bionic Virtual Meeting Room for Business, Social Media and Gaming using Smartglasses+
Patently Apple
Feb 18, 2020 14:26 UTC. Read More

Chinese restaurants are losing business over coronavirus fears. An Australian social media campaign wants to change that
Feb 18, 2020 10:51 UTC. Read More

Chinese social media struggle to contain rumors
Feb 18, 2020 04:12 UTC. Read More

Saber Interactive Removes All References From Social Media About Its Next Witcher 3 Update
Nintendo Life
Feb 18, 2020 03:29 UTC. Read More

Study: Social Media Users More Likely to Be Misinformed About Vaccines
Feb 17, 2020 22:02 UTC. Read More

Social Media and Mental Health: Time for a Digital Detox?
Psychology Today
Feb 17, 2020 15:07 UTC. Read More

Zuckerberg tells Europe: regulate social media or 'authoritarian' China will set the rules
Feb 15, 2020 18:08 UTC. Read More

Coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19 rumours, hoaxes spread on social media
League of Legends
Feb 15, 2020 02:36 UTC. Read More

These 15 matchmaking and social media startups want to change how we connect
The Next Web
Feb 14, 2020 13:41 UTC. Read More

Bloomberg: India may soon make controversial social media rules official
Feb 13, 2020 07:04 UTC. Read More

Canadian Study Analyzes Links Between Smartphones, Social Media & Teen Mental Health
Feb 13, 2020 06:17 UTC. Read More

Wendy’s workers fired after video of sink bath shared on social media
WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee
Feb 12, 2020 23:44 UTC. Read More

Grapevine6 and The Rudin Group Combine AI-Fueled Technology and Content Strategy to Unlock the Power of Social Media for Financial Advisors
MarTech Series
Feb 12, 2020 07:57 UTC. Read More

New report links social media use to mental distress in teens
CBS News
Feb 11, 2020 03:37 UTC. Read More

Teen use of smartphones, social media significantly affects mental health, report says
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Feb 11, 2020 00:49 UTC. Read More

Social media linked to mental distress and ‘suicidality’ in teenagers
Yahoo Sports
Feb 10, 2020 14:29 UTC. Read More

New report links smartphones and social media to stress among teens
Feb 10, 2020 12:58 UTC. Read More

Smartphone and social media use linked to mental health issues in teens
Feb 10, 2020 10:18 UTC. Read More

Review of evidence finds excessive smartphone, social media use may be linked to youth mental health
Medical Xpress
Feb 10, 2020 08:00 UTC. Read More

Excessive smartphone, social media use may be linked to mental distress
Tech Explorist
Feb 10, 2020 05:58 UTC. Read More

Delta reunited this little girl with her doll after her mom's plea on social media
Feb 09, 2020 21:25 UTC. Read More

HIGH PROFILE: Pathologist Jerad Gardner has used social media to reach out into the sphere of his profession, the public at large
Arkansas Online
Feb 09, 2020 08:02 UTC. Read More

Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Social Media Market 2019-2023 Growing Demand for Smart Homes to Boost Growth Technavio
Business Wire
Feb 07, 2020 01:59 UTC. Read More

Coronavirus memes fill social media, making young people anxious
Los Angeles Times
Feb 05, 2020 20:03 UTC. Read More

Dunkaroos returning to shelves in summer 2020, social media rejoices
Fox News
Feb 04, 2020 10:01 UTC. Read More

Algorithms on social media need regulation, says UK's AI adviser
The Guardian
Feb 04, 2020 06:29 UTC. Read More

PT opens up about social media's impact on his mental health
Feb 03, 2020 05:50 UTC. Read More

Social media struggles to counter coronavirus misinformation TheHill
The Hill
Feb 01, 2020 16:00 UTC. Read More

Vicky Kaushal shares his spooky ‘Bhoot’ breakfast bowl on social media
Times of India
Feb 01, 2020 15:30 UTC. Read More

As coronavirus misinformation spreads on social media, Facebook removes posts
Feb 01, 2020 00:45 UTC. Read More

Hashtag Medicine: Coronavirus Fear Goes Viral on Social Media
Jan 31, 2020 22:40 UTC. Read More

Study reveals Michigan’s most popular breweries based on social media
Jan 31, 2020 21:16 UTC. Read More

SA social media content startup Over gets acquired by GoDaddy
Jan 30, 2020 05:59 UTC. Read More

In 2018, Airbnb quietly acquired Koko, an AI-powered content moderation startup, as it looked to avoid the pitfalls faced by social media platforms around toxic content
Business Insider
Jan 29, 2020 18:06 UTC. Read More

Social media-fueled coronavirus rumor at USC prompts response from school
Fox News
Jan 29, 2020 14:54 UTC. Read More

Social media users livid over ER doctor's PSA: 'Time to shame patients'
Jan 24, 2020 21:05 UTC. Read More

This Startup Thinks Blockchain Is The Only Thing That Can Save Social Media
Jan 23, 2020 10:29 UTC. Read More

Target worker's social media shaming yields $30K in donations
New York Daily News
Jan 21, 2020 22:47 UTC. Read More

TikTok pro-vaccine video made by Ohio pediatrician Dr. Nicole Baldwin blasted on social media
CBS News
Jan 21, 2020 18:29 UTC. Read More

5 Ways Social Media Benefits a Person’s Mental Health
Tech Times
Jan 20, 2020 14:57 UTC. Read More

Employees get tapped to send ‘authentic’ social media messages
Chicago Tribune
Jan 17, 2020 15:58 UTC. Read More

'BBQ sauce-gate' a reminder why social media conduct policies matter
Canadian HR Reporter
Jan 14, 2020 11:31 UTC. Read More

Social media influencers named as stock market listing risk factor
Financial Times
Jan 11, 2020 23:28 UTC. Read More

Public Blast or Private Chat? Social Media Maps a Middle Way
Jan 11, 2020 11:59 UTC. Read More


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